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Episode: Life
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Episode: Life

David MarseillesDavid Marseilles wrote on 1258839999|%e %b, %H:%M (%O ago)

I'd say this is the least exciting episode so far. It was bound to happen. The first 8 episodes have almost all been a non-stop race for survival thriller (OMG we're under attack!!!, power, OMG we're flying into the sun!!, water, OMG Stargate Command is trying to kill us!!!, OMG microorganisms are trying to kill us so we need to warn our prior selves that the big scary nocturnal baddies are our only hope of survival!!!). Thrills were probably important to get the series started and get a regular audience, but it had wind down a little in the middle eventually to make room for a mid-season break thriller and then season finale thrills. Unless you are 24 (the TV show), endless adrenaline is tough to pull off.

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